Hello Me, Meet The Real Me

Heavy Metal and booze. There never were a better pairing. Very few embodied that as much as the legendary Dimebag Darrell Abbot.

For the like maybe two people who don’t know, he was the force behind Pantera. After that him and his brother Vinnie Paul went on to Damageplan. During their first tour, we lost him to a very unstable fan. He was shot down in front of his older brother in Columbus, Ohio. Nearly any metal band that has came out since Cowboys From Hell has been influenced by him.

Here’s today’s trivia. The name for the drink actually came from the Megadeth song, Sweating Bullets.

But this here was his signature drink. The Infamous Black Toothed Grin. Its really a simple drink, but its not for the faint of heart. So here it is:2017-02-22 19.53.29.jpg

That’s right, not one, but two whiskeys. And, um, a coke? I guess so. Ok, this is so simple, a drunk Hillbilly can do it. Its just a shot of Crown, a shot of Seagram’s 7, and just enough coke for color. Yep, thats it.



Now that 2017-02-22 19.54.59.jpg

I like to have one on August 20th, his birthday, and again on December 8th, the day he was taken from us. So, honoring his memory, bottoms up yall.


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