What Is That Green Stuff?

MMM, greens. I’ve always liked them. Spinach, kale, collards, turnip, or mustard. With a little vinegar. Very simple, very classic, something most of us grew up eating. But anything can be improved right?

This may be a huge shock to you, but I add a little sweet onion and some BACON. Is there really much that bacon and sweet onion doesn’t make better? You know that didn’t really need an answer, but I’m glad you’re playing along.

Got the bourbon poured and music going, so GO!

So here’s what we’re gonna do today. We’re going to fry some mustard greens with bacon and onion. We have friends over so I’m cooking a little more then I would if it was just the three of us.  Two bunches of greens looks like a lot, but they are going to cook down, a lot.

Parboil. Another of those fancy cooking words.  Simply, we ain’t gonna boil them all the way done. Rinse and separate from the stem, and throw them in some water. Yea, I salt the water a little, because a little goes a long way.

You’ve got 20 minutes, 20 fucking minutes to wipe that stupid looking, wait, wrong blog. Oops. Anyways, its gonna take those greens around 20 minutes to kill. Why don’t you try being productive and get the bacon ready. We have 2 options here. First, you can cook the bacon whole and break it up later, or you can go the easier way, cut the raw bacon up and then fry it. Guess which way I went?


Let the bacon cook almost all the way and then, depending on how much of the green stuff you have, drain some of the grease off. Not all of it, put some back. We still have a little time before the greens are ready, so throw your diced onions in there. Let them get good and translucent. DSCN0219.JPG

Guess what time it is kiddies! Its time for more bourbon. Oh, yea, I guess the greens are about done too. I just use tongs to pick them up out of the water, there’s not really a need for a colander here. Drop those suckers into the bacon and onion goodness, mix real good, and then cover.


Its going to be another 20 minutes or so, so….

Like I said, served with a little vinegar and these things are great. Remember that little pork thing? Perfect side.  Yall enjoy2017-02-11 21.15.48.jpg

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