Don’t Tell My Doctor….

I love me some pork. I’m sure that’s a big surprise. Chops, shoulder steaks, sausage, and cant forget BACON. Tonight I’m doing something Annette and our boy really likes. A bacon wrapped pork tenderloin. I mean, hell, its two great pieces of a pig cooked together. Perfect.

Wrapping the thing in bacon ain’t really that difficult, just takes a little doing. All it takes is just a cookie sheet and a package of bacon. I went with a brand I haven’t seen before and it really didn’t do like normal. But it still made a blanket. DSCN0211.JPG

As great as the meat will be by itself, what fun would that be? If you pretty much butterfly the tenderloin, a little chopped onion can be stuffed in there with a little garlic. I just cut mine a little past halfway. I don’t know why I cant find Vidalias down here, but those always work best. I dont give a damn what you’re doing, if given the option, go with the Vidalias. DSCN0213.JPG

After wrapping this piggy up, its time for the heat. I hope you’re not that hungry just yet. Anything this thick can only be cooked one way, low and slow. Or was that slow and low? I forget. Either way, that oven had better not get above 250. Don’t make me come over there. Just put it in, throw on some Anthrax, and pour some more Maker’s Mark. No its not too early. Candy ass.

After a long damned time, 2 albums and half this bottle, the little piggy should be getting close. Yes, I cheat and use a thermometer on something this thick. I like around 165 on my pork. Beef I like cooked a little less, but pork I wont take any chances on. After its all said and done, it should look a little like this.

Now, sit down, take your hat off and enjoy. Just don’t tell Dr. Kim….

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  1. bethe20 says:

    This was freaking good!!!


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