Trailer Park Sunrise

Yes, I know its only 3 PM here in Texas. Yes, I’m aware its only February. I also know its hit 84 today. Yes, you read that right, 84 degrees, February 11th. So with the weather update, its time for a drink!

This one here we came up with one night when I was over at my parents. My dad wanted something different, so I went to work. A few minutes later, a local favorite was born into the world.

This miracle libation starts simple. Just a short glass, and some ice. A splash of grenadine in the bottom, with a shot of bourbon, then topped with Mountain Dew. I know, its kinda sweet, but it works.

Now for the fun part, variations. Surge, when they sold it, worked pretty good.And you can adjust the sweetness of it by the amount of grenadine and the type of whiskey. I’m a bourbon drinker, so I tend to stick with Maker’s Mark. It is a damned waste of good bourbon to mix anything better though.

So get in the kitchen, grab your glass, and crank up some Clutch. They’ve been kinda getting more a blues oriented sound with the last few albums and I’ve really been liking them. I actually hadn’tTrailer Park Sunrise.jpg listened to this whole Psychic Warfare album before I came to Texas, but once I did, it became a favorite.

Ok, go piss of the neighbors, they deserve it.

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