Saturday Mornings with BSC

On my rare weekends off, I have a standing order. The kids love biscuits and gravy when they finally wake up. Add some bacon and over medium eggs, and we got some happy chilluns. For some reason, they call the eggs with firm whites and runny yolks “poppy eggs”. Whatever it takes sometimes.

So put on some Black Stone Cherry, add a little Baileys to the coffee and get the stove hot.

I’m gonna clue you in to a secret, frying bacon sucks. The grease splatters everywhere, its messy and it can hurt like a bitch. Try this, heat the oven to around 350, lay the bacon on a cookie sheet, and let the oven do the work for you. How crispy is up to you,its going on your plate.

Bacon, eggs and biscuits are simple. So simple I’m not going to insult your intelligence going over those. But the gravy. I’ve seen gravy trip people up. Its not really that hard, just gotta know what to look for.

This morning, I’m doing a sausage gravy, something I don’t actually do very often. Normally, I just use the bacon fat from the fridge. You do save your bacon grease, right? Right?

Some times brand choice matters. With my breakfast sausage, I always go with the Old Timer brand or Jimmy Dean. Once your sausage is cooked all the way and crumbled small, its flour time. How much is up to you and your grease. The more grease, the more flour, the more gravy.

Please tell me you got a whisk. You’re gonna need it. That flour needs to move around to make a good roux. Fancy assed French word for a gravy base. If there’s too much flour just add a little bit of the bacon grease to it. It won’t take long, but it needs to get a good brown color to it. A little of that fresh crushed black pepper goes a long way, simple but effective.

I cant tell you how much milk you’re gonna need, its all based on that roux you got going. Whisk in a little at a time until its about where you want it, maybe a little thinner then what you want on your plate. It’s going to thicken up a little while its sitting.

Its simple. Very simple, but all in that roux.  Now for one more cup of coffee and a little more Baileys before the kids wake up.

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